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Cleanings and inspections of grease exhaust systems are mandated by local, state and national fire codes.

NFPA 96-2008
MDFS 527 CMR 11

NFPA 96 4.1.5

The owner of the fire safety system is fully responsible for the cleanliness, inspection and maintenance of the grease exhaust system.

527 CMR 11

Any person engaged in the cleaning or inspection of the commercial cooking exhaust systems after January 1, 2010 must hold a certificate of competency issued by the state fire marshal. All cleanings and inspections that currently take place shall comply with the new regulation.
Every person holding a valid certificate of competency shall carry said certificate on his/her person at all times while conducting cleaning or inspection activities.

Scott Przystas HC 000026

Ed Przystas HC 000025

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Optional cleaning services offered: Commercial laundry duct and dish hoods.

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